Pax World has long been recognized as a leader in sustainable investing, the full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis, security selection, portfolio construction and risk management. Our investment approach combines rigorous ESG analysis with equally rigorous financial analysis in an effort to identify better-managed companies that meet positive corporate responsibility standards, have a clear vision for managing risk, and are focused on delivering long-term value to shareholders.

We also seek to invest in a way that promotes positive social and environmental change. What we call Impact Investing at Pax World includes:

  • Investing in companies that are developing innovative solutions to global sustainability challenges.
  • Investing in companies that are promoting gender diversity and women’s leadership.
  • Investing in community-based financial institutions – in the U.S. and abroad – that promote small businesses, improved health care, education, housing and vibrant, resilient communities.
  • Investing in green bonds and sustainable infrastructure.
  • Shareholder advocacy and public policy engagement to encourage companies to improve their environmental, social and governance performance.  This includes activities such as:

    • Voting proxies and filing shareholder resolutions on issues including board diversity, climate change, privacy and data security and political accountability;
    • Advocating with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other government regulators to encourage publicly traded companies to achieve higher levels of disclosure, transparency and sustainability; and
    • Encouraging companies to become more accountable for their supply chains

Sustainable Investing seeks a fair return as well as positive social and environmental impacts.  In our view, it is simply a better, smarter way to invest.   

2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

View Pax World's combined UN Global Compact Communication on Progress and our Corporate Sustainability Report


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