Pax World is an active participant in the companies we invest in, the industry we helped establish, and communities in which we conduct business. Our commitment to engaged participation is intrinsic to our investment and business philosophy.

Shareowner Activism

Our Shareowner Advocacy efforts are aimed at helping the companies we invest in limit their risk and liabilities related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as well as to take advantage of ESG-related opportunities to create financial value for their shareholders. We vote shareholder proxies in accordance with our ESG criteria, engage management in dialogue on issues of concern, initiate or partner with others on shareholder resolutions to adopt higher standards of corporate responsibility, and support public policy initiatives that promote greater corporate sustainability, transparency and accountability. You can learn more about common areas of focus for these activities by reviewing our ESG Analysis and Sustainability Research section.

Public Policy Activism and Industry Advocacy

Our engagement in public policy advocacy focuses on fostering public policy change to preserve or advance shareowner rights, improve the ESG performance of companies, or drive more efficient and equitable performance of capital markets. These initiatives, undertaken directly or in partnerships with other sustainable investing industry stakeholders are consistent with the reasons behind the launch of the Pax World Fund (now the Pax World Balanaced Fund) more than 40 years ago. You can learn about the projects Pax World is leading or contributing to by reviewing more information about our Memberships, Partnerships and Affiliations here.

In addition to the initiatives Pax World undertakes with other members of the asset management industry, we have launched programs aimed at advancing the knowledge and effectiveness of financial advisors in supporting their clients’ pursuit of financial security. For example, Pax World sponsors the Women & Wealth Program to help financial advisors attract and retain women clients by understanding and better serving their needs. You can learn more about Women & Wealth and what it can mean to your advisory practice here.

Community Investing and Involvement

Pax World invests in communities and promotes sustainable development, most commonly through ongoing investment in debt instruments issued by non-corporate entities, including government agencies, states, and municipalities. In addition, each of the Pax World Funds may invest up to 5% of fund assets in community development financial institutions that target underserved localities in the areas of affordable housing, small businesses, community development and revitalization, health care, education, and the environment. Examples include investments in micro-credit or micro-finance institutions that advance women’s equity and sustainable development. Acknowledging that some of these investments may offer relatively lower returns or higher credit risk, we believe these investments may have positive direct impact on local communities which is an important principle of our investing and business philosophy.

Pax World employee programs reflect our commitment to our community. The firm provides paid time off to volunteer during regular business hours with non-profit, community service organizations, matches a portion of regular full-time employee charitable contributions to non-profit organizations, and provides financial incentives to employees purchasing or leasing hybrid gas-electric vehicles.

Pax World Global Citizen Program

Pax World’s Global Citizen Program enables Pax World shareholders to earmark portions of their dividends and/or capital gains as a contribution to one of two non-profit organizations that are working to alleviate poverty, empower women, and promote sustainable development around the globe: Mercy Corps and Women Thrive Worldwide.

Mercy Corps works to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. For 30 years, in the midst of economic collapse, political transitions, armed conflict and natural disasters, Mercy Corps has been helping millions of individuals, families and communities turn crises into opportunities for sustainable, positive change. Pax World has worked with Mercy Corps for more than 20 years. Pax World investors have contributed more than $1 million to Mercy Corps since 1998. Click here to visit Mercy Corps’ web site.

Use this form if you are an existing Pax World shareholder and would like to join the Pax World Global Citizen Program and would like to earmark a portion of your dividends and/or capital gains as a contribution to Mercy Corps.

Women Thrive Worldwide is the leading non-profit organization shaping U.S. policy to help women in developing countries lift themselves out of poverty. Women Thrive develops, shapes and advocates for U.S. international assistance and trade policies in Washington D.C. that prioritize women and foster economic opportunity for women living in poverty. The organization brings together a diverse coalition of over 55 organizations and 45,000 individuals united in the belief that women are the key to ending global poverty, and empowering them is not only right, it’s also the most effective long-term solution to world poverty. Click here to visit Women Thrive Worldwide’s web site.

Use this form if you are an existing Pax World shareholder and would like to join the Pax World Global Citizen Program and would like to earmark a portion of your dividends and/or capital gains as a contribution to Women Thrive Worldwide.

2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

View Pax World's combined UN Global Compact Communication on Progress and our Corporate Sustainability Report