At Pax World, once our Funds invest in a company, we take our responsibilities as a shareholder and stakeholder seriously.


  • vote shareholder proxies in accordance with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria;
  • engage in dialogue with corporate management on issues of concern;
  • initiate or support shareholder resolutions at annual stockholders meetings aimed at persuading companies to adopt higher standards of corporate responsibility; and
  • support public policy initiatives that promote greater corporate transparency, accountability, and social responsibility.

You can learn more about how each Pax World Fund voted by viewing our Proxy Voting Record. Also, you can read more about our Proxy Voting Guidelines PDF icon.

Proxy Voting Record

Learn more about how each Pax World Fund voted its shareholder proxies.

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Proxy Voting Guidelines

Learn more about how Pax World votes shareholder proxies.

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