With more than $3 trillion invested in strategies that integrate financial with environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis, sustainable investing is a mainstream asset management discipline today. Increasingly, investors and the financial professionals working with them are considering sustainable investing strategies as essential to development of robust financial planning solutions.

Pax World is a leader in sustainable investing, the full integration of ESG factors into investment analysis, security selection, portfolio construction and risk management. Pax World combines rigorous ESG analysis with equally rigorous financial analysis in seeking to identify better-managed, industry leading companies that meet positive corporate responsibility standards, have a clear vision for managing risk, and are focused on delivering long-term value to shareholders. Pax World launched the first socially responsible mutual fund in 1971 and today offers a family of mutual funds including ESG Managers® Portfolios, multimanager asset allocation portfolios powered by Morningstar Associates.

In addition, investment transactions can be conducted through the Pax World Online Account Access area and financial advisors and investors also can find an extensive resource of customer service support tools within the Pax World Individual Investors website.

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