Women are a major economic force. They represent 53% of the new hires in the U.S. since 20001 and are the breadwinners or co-breadwinners in two-thirds of American households.2 Additionally, they control 10.1 million privately-held, majority women-owned firms in the United States, accounting for 40.2% of all businesses in the country.

They also control increasing amounts of wealth. Of estates worth more than $5 million, women currently control more than 48%.4 And on a global basis, they stand to inherit 70% of the $41 trillion in inter-generational wealth transfer expected over the next 40 years.5    

That’s the good news. The bad news is, women are less confident than men about investing6, and they’re more likely to feel overwhelmed by the process.

It is in this context that Pax World has created Women & Wealth – a program whose purpose is to help financial advisors attract and retain women clients by understanding and better serving their needs. 

Pax World has developed a broad set of tools to support the initiative, including:

Advisor-facing documentsAdvisor toolsClient facing documents

A Practice Management Opportunity

An overview of the Women & Wealth toolset

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Better Client Meetings: A Primer

Ways to enhance the quality of client engagements

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The Financial Challenges Women Face

PPT to help frame the discussion about women & money

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Best Practices Workshop

PPT with insights into engaging current and prospective clients

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Assessing Your Clients

Tool to assess your practice

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Women & Wealth

Brochure about Women & Wealth and Pax World

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E-newsletter with marketing tips, event suggestions, articles and more

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Charitable Giving Organizer

Tool to help clients think about their philanthropic activities

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Gender Equality as an Investment Concept

A white paper by Pax World President & CEO Joe Keefe

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To find out more about the program and receive a package including the above documents, contact Kathleen McQuiggan, Senior Vice President, Global Women's Strategies, at 617.480.9161.

Kathleen McQuiggan is a registered representative of ALPS Distributors, Inc.

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For more information on Women & Wealth, please contact Kathleen McQuiggan, Sr. VP, Global Women's Strategies, Pax World Management LLC at 617.480.9161 or by email below.

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Women - Financially Active, Socially and Environmentally Engaged

No investment management company pays more attention to gender diversity and women’s empowerment than Pax World.