Growing evidence suggests that gender diversity and the advancement of women are key drivers of business success. In fact, a number of recent studies have shown that companies that integrate gender diversity and women’s empowerment into their business practices are more likely to be successful than their less-enlightened competitors.1 Our Women & Wealth Brochure outlines many of the reasons why we believe investing with a “gender lens” may deliver stronger long-term investment results to our shareholders.

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1For example, a 2008 study by McKinsey found that companies with greater numbers of women in senior management scored higher than lower-ranked counterparts on nine dimensions of organization, such as leadership, accountability and organization, and that higher-scoring companies are more likely to have above average earnings and financial valuations. See Desvaux, Devillard-Hoellinger and Meany, “A Business Case for Women,” The McKinsey Quarterly, September 2008.

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