Research Directory

“Gender Diversity in Corporate Governance and Top Management”
Claude Francoeur, Réal Labelle, and Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, Journal of Business Ethics, 2008
This article discusses how women’s participation on a company’s board of directors or in senior management enhances financial performance.

“A Business Case for Women”
Georges Desvaux, Sandrine Devillard-Hoellinger, and Mary C. Meaney, McKinsey Quarterly, September 2008
McKinsey discusses research they have done on women’s impact on corporate performance and business strategy.

“The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards”
Catalyst, 2007
Catalyst provides figures and data which suggest that the representation by women on boards significantly influences corporate performance.

“The Diversity of Corporate Board Committees and Firm Financial Performance”
David A. Carter Frank D’Souza, Betty J. Simkins, and W. Gary Simpson, Department of Finance, Oklahoma State University, March 15, 2007
This report looks at the economic case for a diverse board of directors.

“Sex, Trust, and Corporate Boards”
Joan MacLeod Heminway, Hastings Women’s Law Journal, April 15, 2007
This article collects and interprets social science research on sex and trust in regard to the business case for gender diversity on corporate boards.

“Critical Mass on Corporate Boards: Why Three or More Women Enhance Governance”
Vicki W. Kramer, Alison M Konrad, and Sumru Erkut, Wellesley Centers for Women Special Report, Paper No. WCW11, 2006
Based on interviews and discussions, this study seeks to show that a critical mass of three or more women can cause a fundamental change in the boardroom and enhance corporate governance.

“Sex Matters: Gender and Mutual Funds”
A. Niessen and S. Ruenzi, University of Cologne: Department of Corporate Finance & Centre for Financial Research, 2005
This paper analyzes the behavior differences of female and male US equity fund managers, and examines the gender differences in risk aversion, investment style and trading activity.

“The Bottom Line: Connecting Corporate Performance and Gender Diversity”
Catalyst, 2004
This study of data from 353 Fortune 500 companies, seeks to establish the link between corporate performance and gender diversity by looking at specific financial measurement results.

“Gender Diversity in the Boardroom”
Renee B. Adams and Daniel Ferriera, August 2004
This study looks at whether diverse boards are more effective than homogenous boards.

“Corporate Governance, Board Diversity, and Firm Value”
David A. Carter, Betty J. Simkins, and W. Gary Simpson, College of Business Administration, Oklahoma State University, March 2002
This study examines whether board diversity can be associated with improved firm value for Fortune 1000 companies.

“Boys Will be Boys: Gender, Overconfidence, and Common Stock Investment”
B.M. Barber, and T. Odean, The Quarterly Journal of Economics. pp. 261-292, 2001
Using account data for over 35,000 households from a large discount brokerage firm, the common stock investments of men and women from February 1991 through January 1997 were analyzed.

“Building a Business Case for Diversity”
Gail Robinson and Kathleen Dechant, Academy of Management Journal (43:3), 1997
This article outlines the competitive and business reasons for managing diversity.

“Why Do Women Invest Differently Than Men?”
Vickie L. Bajtelsmit and Alexandra Bernasek, Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, 1996
This article studies what is known and what is still unknown regarding gender differences and investing.

“Getting to the Bottom Line: An Exploration of Gender and Earnings Quality”
Gopal V. Krishnan and Linda M. Parsons, George Mason University, no date
This study suggests that earnings quality is positively associated with gender diversity in senior management.