Women's Empowerment Platform

Download the documents below to learn more about Pax World's Women's Empowerment Platform:

The Pax World Women’s Empowerment Platform PDF icon
"In the international development community, there is a growing consensus that the best strategy for reducing global poverty and promoting sustainable development is to invest in women and girls—in girls’ education, maternal health, women’s access to financial services and programs to reduce discrimination and violence against women. Empowering women lifts whole communities. At Pax World, we believe that the status and role of women is also an excellent clue to a company’s growth potential." Read More

Gender Equality as an Investment Concept PDF icon
Eliminating gender inequality and empowering women are finally being recognized, on a global basis, for what they are—urgent moral and economic imperatives. This is as true for businesses and investors as it is for broader economies. Gender equality is fast becoming an investment concept.

Say No to All Male Boards Campaign
Pax World is urging other institutional investors, investment advisors and individuals to adopt proxy voting guidelines – like those followed by Pax World and other asset managers in the Sustainable Investing arena – that oppose all slates of director nominees that do not include women.  Go to our website for some simple steps that you can take as an individual investor if you would like to use your proxy voting power to support board diversity:

Sustainable Investing and the Next Economy PDF icon
Speech To The Boston Economic Club, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston by Joe Keefe, Pax World President & CEO
"My remarks tonight are set against the twin backdrops of the Financial Crisis and what I will call the Sustainability Crisis—twin crises that should challenge our thinking about investing, certainly, but also about economics more broadly, as they betray deep-seated, systemic problems that neither government nor markets, the public sector or the private sector, as they are presently constituted, seem designed to address." Read More