Pax World Offers Second Fossil Fuel-Free Fund

Pax World Growth Fund Has Divested Energy Companies in Favor of High‐Impact, Solutions‐Oriented Companies Confronting Global Sustainability Challenges

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.///May 1, 2014///Pax World Management LLC, investment adviser to Pax World Funds, announced today that the Pax World Growth Fund (PXWGX) has divested its fossil fuel holdings and will henceforth pursue a fossil fuel‐free investment strategy. In lieu of fossil fuel companies, the Fund will substitute investments in companies that are proactively developing solutions to global sustainability challenges, including climate change, water, food and health care.

The Pax World Growth Fund seeks to avoid investing in companies engaged in the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels including oil, coal, and natural gas. In addition, while the Fund has always integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into stock selection and portfolio construction, it will now increasingly focus on investing in high‐impact companies whose products, services or business strategies offer positive solutions to global sustainability challenges.

“Over the past few years, we have increasingly tilted this Fund toward solutions‐oriented companies as opposed to simply investing in companies that meet our ESG criteria,” says Portfolio Manager Tony Trzcinka. “We did so for investment reasons, because we believe such investments are more likely to deliver stronger performance over time. Given this approach, the decision to divest fossil fuel companies and the risks associated with them, and further increase our allocation to high‐impact, solutions‐oriented companies instead was a relatively easy one, and an obvious next step.”

Some examples of companies the Fund is invested in as substitutes for fossil fuel holdings are:

  • Cree Inc. (CREE) – Cree makes light emitting diode (LED) products, which can deliver the same amount of light as incandescent light bulbs while using 85% to 90% less power.
  • BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) – BorgWarner makes automotive powertrain products for cars and trucks, such as electric drive axle technology and advanced actuators, to help optimize fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and enhance performance.
  • Pall Corp. (PLL) – Pall Corp.’s filtration, separation and purification products enable customers to purify and conserve water, consume less energy, and minimize emissions and waste.
  • Valeo SA (FR FP) ‐ Valeo develops hybrid technology engines that significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, and has developed an alternator‐starter that cuts the engine when the vehicle is stationary, improving energy efficiency.
  • Trimble Navigation Ltd. (TRMB) – Trimble Navigation’s GPS technology helps organizations monitor the environmental impact of their operations, such as corporate car fleets or farming operations, and use that data to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD) ‐ Gilead's product portfolio includes treatments for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, serious respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, cancer and inflammation. The company is working with stakeholders on ways to expand treatments in emerging markets, such as a tiered pricing system for its HIV/AIDS drugs that reflect each country's ability to pay.

“We hope the Pax World Growth Fund will be an attractive option for investors who are not only interested in fossil fuel‐free portfolios, but who also want to invest in solutions‐oriented companies whose businesses and technologies have positive impacts rather than problematic ones from a sustainability perspective,” said Pax World President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Keefe.

The Pax World Growth Fund is the second Pax offering to pursue a fossil fuel‐free investment strategy, joining the Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund (PGRNX), which has been fossil fuel‐free since its launch in 2008. The Growth Fund, which has been managed by Mr. Trzcinka since 2006, charges a total expense ratio of 0.99% for institutional class shares and 1.24% for individual investor class shares.

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As of 3/31/14, Cree Inc. was 0.5% of holdings for the Pax World Growth Fund. BorgWarner Inc. was 1.3% of holdings for the Pax World Growth Fund and 2.4% of holdings for the Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund. Pall Corp. was 1.3% of holdings for the Pax World Growth Fund and 3.3% of holdings for the Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund. Valeo SA was 0.9% of holdings for the Pax World Growth Fund. Trimble Navigation Ltd. was 1.3 % of holdings of the Pax World Growth Fund. Gilead Sciences Inc. was 1.2% of holdings of the Pax World Growth Fund. Holdings are subject to change.