At Pax World, we believe engaged shareowners can play an important role in improving the financial, environmental, social and corporate governance performance of the companies they are invested in. Our Shareowner Advocacy efforts are aimed largely at helping the companies we invest in limit their environmental, social and governance (ESG) related liabilities and take advantage of ESG-related opportunities to create financial value for their shareholders. It’s for those reasons that we:

  • Vote shareholder proxies in accordance with our ESG criteria
  • Engage management in dialogue on issues of concern
  • Initiate or support shareholder resolutions at annual stockholders meetings aimed at persuading companies to adopt higher standards of corporate responsibility
  • Support public policy initiatives that promote greater corporate sustainability, transparency and accountability

Pax World has engaged companies on such issues as:

  • ESG disclosure
  • Executive compensation
  • Climate change
  • Board diversity and women’s empowerment
  • Human trafficking
  • Worker safety
  • Operations in zones of conflict

While most of our dialogues are conducted directly between us and specific companies, we also work with other shareowners and stakeholders in broader dialogues, including Ceres, the Social Investment Research Analysts Network, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and other groups.

Proxy Voting Record

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