"Sustainable Investing as an Emergent Investment Discipline" – Joe Keefe, President and CEO Pax World

Keynote Address – Sustainable Investing 2008 Conference, NYC, Sept. 23, 2008

The conference we are gathered at is called "Sustainable Investing 2008." Had this same conference been held a few years ago, it likely would have used the term, "Socially Responsible Investing," or SRI, to denote the subject matter. Or perhaps "Ethical Investing," or "Mission-based investing," or some other variation.

The Social Investment Forum—the trade industry association representing asset managers and investment professionals engaged in this work in the United States—continues to use the term SRI, but has altered the definition: whereas a few short years ago it defined SRI as "integrating personal and societal values with investment decisions," it now defines SRI as "integrating environmental, social and governance factors into investment decisions.""...

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