Gender Equality as an Investment Concept

Pax World's President and CEO Releases Paper Introducing
"Gender Equality as an Investment Concept"

Paper links gender equality to financial returns

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.///February 9, 2011/// Joe Keefe, President and CEO of Pax World Management LLC (Pax World), today released a paper titled Gender Equality as an Investment Concept, which argues that investors can promote gender equality and women's empowerment while potentially reaping financial returns. Keefe cites evidence which supports the idea that businesses embracing gender diversity may
be better positioned for long‐term financial success. To read the full paper, click here.

"The status and role of women is a very good clue to a company's growth potential," says Keefe. "When women are at the table, the discussion is richer, the decision‐making process is better and the organization is stronger. Integrating a gender lens into investment strategies can, in my view, improve long‐term investment performance. Investors need to start taking notice."

In his paper, Keefe discusses several ways that investors can make a difference by integrating gender equality into their investments. Those recommendations include:

Integrating gender diversity into fundamental analysis and investment portfolio
construction;Saying "no" to all‐male corporate boards on annual proxies; Becoming an engaged shareholder by urging companies to promote greater gender
diversity on corporate boards;Investing a portion of assets in micro‐finance or other initiatives that support women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Keefe also highlights Pax World's Global Women's Equality Fund (PXWEX), which is the only mutual fund in America whose focus is on investing in companies that are global leaders in advancing gender equality and women's empowerment.

"Eliminating gender inequality and empowering women are finally being recognized, on a global basis, for what they are—urgent moral and economic imperatives," says Keefe. "This is as true for businesses and investors as it is for broader economies. Gender equality is fast becoming an investment concept."

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