Investment in mutual funds involves risk, including possible loss of principal invested. You could lose money on your investment in the Fund or the Fund could underperform because of the following risks: the market prices of stocks held by the Fund may fall; individual investments of the Fund may not perform as expected; the Fund’s portfolio management practices may not achieve the desired result. The Fund does not take defensive positions in declining markets. Accordingly, the Fund’s performance would likely be adversely affected by a decline in the Index.

Investing in foreign securities involves additional risks relating to political, social, and economic developments abroad; differences between the regulations that apply to U.S. and foreign issuers and markets; the potential for foreign markets to be less liquid and more volatile than U.S. markets; and currency risk associated with securities that trade or are denominated in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. In addition, the risks of investing in emerging market securities are greater than those of investing in securities of developed foreign countries.

A fund that concentrates in a single industry or group of industries may be more susceptible to an economic, market, political or regulatory occurrence affecting that specific industry or group of industries.

The performance of the Fund and of the Index may vary somewhat for a variety of reasons. At any time that the Fund employs a representative sampling strategy, investment decisions made by Pax and the Fund’s portfolio manager may cause the Fund to underperform the Index.

Certain Asia and Pacific region economies have experienced over-extension of credit, currency devaluations and restrictions, high unemployment, high inflation, decreased exports and economic recessions. Asia and Pacific region economies generally are dependent on the economies of Europe and the United States, especially with respect to agricultural products and natural resources. Political and social instability and deteriorating economic conditions may result in significant downturns and increased volatility in many Asia and Pacific region economies. Portions of the Asia and Pacific region have historically been prone to natural disasters such as tsunamis and droughts and the region is economically sensitive to environmental events. Any such event could have a significant adverse effect on Asia and Pacific region economies. The Australian and New Zealand economies, in particular, are dependent on exports from the agricultural and mining sectors, which make those economies particularly susceptible to fluctuations in the commodities markets. Australian and New Zealand economies are also increasingly dependent on their growing service industries. Economic events in any one country can have a significant economic effect on the entire Asia and Pacific region.

Securities of small- and medium-sized companies may have less liquidity and more volatile prices than securities of larger companies, which can make it difficult for the Fund to sell such securities at desired times or prices.